Chomp, Chomp, Chompers

For months now I’ve been dreading the awful day my daughter will begin what has only been described as the most horrendous time in babyhood. Teething. Every time she comes down with a bit of a fever, or is cranky, or has trouble sleeping, I blame teething. The problem with that whole blaming teething thing is that she is eight and a half months old and has yet to produce any evidence of a tooth. So, um, maybe she was just being a sassy baby on those days. Whatever, I’m pointing fingers, and this one is pointing at you Teething!

So of course for months now I’ve been on the hunt for natural teething “remedies”. I don’t think there are really any remedies for teething, except a tooth actually erupting, and therefore the teething process being remedied. But hey, semantics right? Anyway, finding “remedies” that don’t include my baby chewing on a piece of flexible plastic filled with toxic laden water was my number one priority.

The number one item I found that most parents who have been through teething recommended are the Hyland Teething Tablets. After hearing the buzz about these homepathic tablets, I was almost on board to rush out and buy some of these miracle tablets. But then I thought, being semi-crunchy and all, don’t I kind of want to steer clear of drugging up my tiny tot if there are more natural and less druggy ways to help with teething pain? So, I did more research and compiled a list of DIY, if you will. teething helpers.

#1. Frozen Fruits and Veggies

I’ve stocked my freezer up with frozen cucumbers and melon. I bought some of those mesh feeder thingies to pop the frozen delights in to so that the little one can gnaw away. Hopefully she’ll dig it and it will soothe the pain.

teether 1

2. Baby Popsicles

I’m working on a batch of baby friendly popsicles that will hopefully be tasty enough to munch on. I’m thinking a concoction of blueberry and avocado. Mmmm. I haven’t made these yet, but when I do, I think I’ll just mash up the fruits and veggies, put the mash in an ice cube tray, freeze and then serve in mesh feeder above. But if you want to check out some baby popsicle recipes for your own little one, a quick Pinterest search came up with these easy ones.

Avocado and Pear

Barley Water and Strawberry

3. Nurse, Nurse, Nurse

Breastfeeding has a very calming affect on my baby, so I plan to just nurse her any time she gets fussy. Hopefully that will do the trick. But if not, I did see that you can express some breastmilk (or use formula), add it to a small cup or bottle lid, dip a pacifier in it, and freeze to make a milk popsicle. So, if nursing doesn’t work, this will be the next best thing. Plus, if your baby isn’t 6 months yet, and you haven’t starter solids, this is a great alternative to the fruit and veggie pops :)

4. Frozen Washcloths

Take a small washcloth, dip it in water, wring out (and leave twisted), and freeze. Babies supposedly love chewing on these things. So it will make a good teether and a nice little toy. I’ve also heard to add a little applesauce to the water to give your little one just a little incentive to chew on it.

5. Wooden and Natural Rubber Teething Toys

I’m a big fan of Little Sapling Toys wooden teethers. I bought a few right after my daughter was born so I’d be prepared for the day when a tooth would be making its hellish journey to the surface of little baby’s gums. I also have a Sofie the Giraffe and a Havea Panda Bear, both of which are rubber and not flexible plastic. My daughter loves all of these teethers already, so hopefully she use them to her advantage in the teething days to come.


There are several other natural “remedies” for teething like homemade teething cookies and clove oil, but for now I’m going to stick with the above options. If all else fails, drugs here I come! Over the counter natural teething meds for the baby of course. Not for me silly :)




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